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Las 3 Marķas - San Agustinillo
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San Agustinillo Beach

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"I literally had to pinch myself to believe how lucky I was to be in such an amazing place. I sat on a rock and watched the sun slowly rise over a beautiful expanse of unspoiled beach whilst pelicans dived into the sea for their early morning fish breakfast and surfers braved the strange and strong currents to catch the mornings waves. I was completely mesmerized by the place and this would explain why, although I was only supposed to stay for 4 days to rest and recuperate, I ended up staying for a fortnight."
-- Sal, Australia


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Solstice Yoga Center

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Yoga Vacations on the Pacific Coast of Mexico with Brigitte Longueville

Take a personal journey into self-renewal when you join Brigitte at the Solstice Yoga Center in the Las 3 Marías resort located in the charming beach village of San Agustinillo on the sun-splashed Pacific Coast of Mexico.

The warm winds, bright sun and the rhythm of the waves encourage relaxation. On the Oaxaca Coast (also known as the Costa Chica) you'll find clean water, golden sands and a place where people still have time.

Whether you're a beginner, an advanced practitioner or simply seeking an overall sense of wellbeing, a yoga vacation is an adventure available to people of all ages and physical abilities.








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