10-Day Yoga Retreat Vacation with Brigitte Longueville and Sharon Abbondanza - February 22 - March 04, 2017

Faculty Teachers

Brigitte Longueville

Brigitte Longueville(Netherlands) Director of Solstice Yoga Center. Her teachings focus on the opportunity to "restore" innate capacities to their optimal expression through "relaxation as practice" coupled with traditional yoga practice. Her teachings are a reflection of her long study with international teachers and yogis in the area of "traditional" South India yoga, pranayama, critical alignment, anapana and vipassana meditation. She obtained her teaching certificate after completing a 3-year course at The Bharata Institute of Yoga, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The institute is world renowned for it's work in critical alignment. She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and teacher trainer. She has been doing pranayama for 25 years and has been practicing vipassana meditation for over 10 years. An international yoga teacher and member of that community, she teaches workshops around the world including the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Antigua (West Indies) and Mexico.

Sharon Abbondanza

Sharon AbbondanzaTrained as a yoga therapist, she teaches a blend of yoga therapeutics and flow-style (vinyasa) hatha yoga. Her passion is integrating the radiant practice of vinyasa asana to vitalize the body, and the reflective practices of yoga therapy to refine awareness and promote healing. Sharon is a dynamic teacher, passionate about educating her students through a felt sense of anatomy; she is nurturing and down to earth. With ten years teaching experience, and numerous certifications, Sharon's love of yoga translates into on-going personal studies that include meditation, philosophy, anatomy and Vijnana Yoga. For 7 years, she has been the in-house yoga teacher at Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club, collaborates with Ginny Golding to offer Yoga & Golf workshops, and co-facilitates workshops for women, creatively synthesizing yoga and drumming with Sandi Millman of Drum Mama Studios. As an avenue to cultivate awareness, Sharon guides her students with detailed road maps into the body, cuing with clarity and eloquence. She is warm-hearted, curious and sincere in her quest to enliven your life through yoga and re-awaken your thirst for freedom.

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10-Day Yoga Retreat Vacation with Brigitte Longueville and Sharon Abbondanza

Inscriptions are now open for our February 22 - March 04, 2017,  yoga event.

Date:   February 22 - March 04, 2017
Location:   Las 3 Marías, San Agustinillo, Mexico
Instructors:   Brigitte Longueville and Sharon Abbondanza

People from around the world have found Brigitte's and Sharon's 10-day Yoga Retreats a wonderful opportunity to relax, renew and rejuvenate themselves through the grace of yoga, the beauty of Mexico and the majesty of the ocean.

Hatha Yoga Retreat Vacations in Mexico

It is simply the perfect combination of yoga and vacation.

The retreat begins in the morning and includes Meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques).
Following breakfast, the yoga continues with deep relaxation into alignment followed by the practice of Asanas.

The afternoon is yours.

Plunge into the Pacific. Play in the waves. Walk on the beach. Marvel at the sunset. Or just hang out in your hammock with a book or bask in the sun at the pool side.

Back to yoga class the next morning, each class builds upon the next, in a slow and consistent progression that allows you to succeed. The postures are explained with attention to each student, and every level. In this manner, everyone in every class increases their understanding and skill level.

Yoga Retreats - Meditation, Pranayama, Asanas and Play

Yoga Program

The retreat is appropriate for people of all skill levels. Beginners will be offered a wonderful introduction to the practice of yoga and more advanced practitioners will be able to deepen their practice. No matter what your skill level, individual instruction and attention within the class setting will ensure that you enjoy a safe yet challenging experience.

The retreat offers four distinct areas of practice in the course of the morning from 6:00 am until 12:00 pm. The four distinct areas are: meditation, pranayama, "relaxation as practice", and asanas.


In the quietness of the morning you will practice a technique called "anapana" - awareness of the breath in the nostrils. It sensitizes the skin, refines the concentration and stills mental traffic. This is a particular form of meditation that is done in silence and with the eyes closed. You will be given full instruction on how to hold yourself and various options for sitting.


After meditation you will practice "pranayama" - the changing of the rhythm of the breath. By practicing pranayama, you will become aware of chest-, stomach- and collarbone breathing and the use of your diaphragm. A correct way of breathing is a fundamental for good health; it gives space to the organs and strengthens the nervous system. After pranayama, a short break is taken for a light breakfast and a chance to rest before returning to class.

Relaxation as Practice

Every asana session begins with various postures working with a prop called the BackMitra. Guy Hamaekers created the BackMitra in collaboration with Brigitte. Meaning "friend" in Sanskrit, the Mitra helps students enjoy a deep and profound relaxation in the neck, shoulders, back and hip area. The relaxation allows for great mobility and inner energy for the asansas. Brigitte calls this approach to asana "relaxation as practice." This follows her teaching that a calm body makes for a calm mind and a calm mind is the optimal mind for practice.

During this yoga week attention is given especially to the back. A strong and relaxed back makes for a strong nervous system.


Asanas are the physical practice of postures. They are the gateway that most westerners enter yoga practice. They can be flowing or held in active stillness. yoga holidays on a tropical beach

Developed over thousands of years, they purposefully exercise and reach every muscle, nerve and gland in the human body in a dynamic manner that links body, mind and breath.

When the "relaxation as practice" is complete, students will go through a progression of these asanas or postures.

Classes usually include: standing asanas, sitting asanas, forward bends, twists, inversions, back bends in addition to lying, "passive" poses.

Props are used for some postures including: bolsters, blocks, straps, headstand aids, and backbend arch.

Throughout all the postures, correct body alignment is emphasized along with the use of the breath to relax into the pose.

The sequences of postures are carefully designed to build one upon the other. In other words, the postures in the beginning of class help you become warm and flexible to achieve the postures at the end of the class. In the same manner, each class will build upon the work of the day before.

All students discover the path to the greatest benefit with the least effort. Individual adjustment and guidance is provided to each student. Students learn how to optimize their personal practice and capture a new sense of energy, "lightness" and ease within their body.

As a result of the practice of asanas, the body becomes strong yet elastic, light yet grounded.


Daily Schedule

6:00 am  -  Tea
6:15 - 7:30 am  -  Meditation + Pranayama
7:30 - 8:15 am  -  Breakfast
8:30 am - 12:00 pm  -  Asanas
12:30 pm  -  Lunch
   -  Afternoons are free


Arrival and Departure

Arrival can be anytime on the published start date.
Your accommodation will be ready for you after 2:00 pm. A welcome dinner will be served around 7:00 pm.
The yoga program will start early next morning.

Departure is on the published end date at 12:00 pm.

Note! Accommodation will be available for extended stay.


Accommodation & Pricing

The retreats take place at Las 3 Marías, an eco-chic retreat and refuge overlooking the Pacific. It is tucked away on a large hillside in the middle of the charming beach town of San Agustinillo on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

The Yoga Studio offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding hills and the ocean, all under the protection of a high palm roof. It is surrounded by beautiful, handcrafted cabanas of varying sizes.

During your retreat, you'll enjoy creative and delicious vegetarian meals that feature a stunning range of fruits and vegetables obtained fresh daily from local growers and markets.

Other Activities

During one of your free afternoons you could consider one of the following activities*:

- Massage
- Temazcal temazcal
- Boat trips to see Whales, Sea Turtles and Dolphins
- Vegetarian cooking classes and nutrition
- Activities for kids: Puppet, Body Language, Theatre, Yoga, Kites and more...

* These activities are not included in the retreat package.



For information and bookings contact: Sofía  

"One session on the patented BackMitra and my back--and posture--were better than they'd been in years. I can think of no better venue for yoga, and the instruction was first-class. I only wish I'd been able to stay longer."
-- CharlesP723, TripAdvisor member