Workshop Restorative Alignment on the Beach - January 30 - February 01, 2019

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Workshop Restorative Alignment on the Beach

Inscriptions are now open for our January 30 - February 01, 2019,  yoga event.

Date:   January 30 - February 01, 2019
Location:   Las Trés Marías, San Agustinillo, Mexico

Time: 7 to 10 am.
Price: $ 1,800  MXN for a total of 9 hours of classes.

For information and bookings contact: Sofía  

"In June last year I hosted a workshop with Brigitte at my studio in Adegem, Belgium. I have huge admiration for her and the road she has walked to this very moment. Brigitte's way of teaching is clear and also very personal; even though the group was big, everyone received attention, to the smallest details.
This workshop has not only changed me as a yoga teacher, but has also changed me personally. In 2007 I started practicing yoga because of the chronic neck pain I had after suffering a serious car accident in 2002 (two of the intervertebral disks in my neck have almost completely disappeared). Until June 2016, pre-BackMitra, I practiced lots of yoga but the pain persisted. I also experienced numbness in my right arm, hand and fingers. Since I started using the BackMitra these complaints have all but disappeared.
I share this experience on a daily basis and the BackMitra became an integral part of the classes I teach at my studio Puur-Yoga.
A large number of my students have started using it at home. Many students with chronic complaints have even received confirmation from their chiropractor that the condition of their back has improved greatly since they started with yoga and the BackMitra."
-- Isabel Dobbelaere, Puur-Yoga, Belgium