Workshop: Restoring you nervous system - October 12, 2019

Faculty Teachers

Sofía Sáenz Padilla

Sofía Sáenz PadillaSofía Padilla began her practice in 2005 as a comple-mentary training for her theater profession. She has collaborated with Solstice Yoga Center since 2011 as public relations and manager. In 2012 she made a certification of 200 hrs of Hatha Yoga and Restorative Alignment recognized by Yoga Alliance with Brigitte Longueville and David McAmmond. She has been an assistant teacher of Brigitte Longueville each year in the teacher training in Mexico City organized by the Mexican Institute of Yoga (IMY) 2013-2017. She also teaches in the Mexico City Buddist Center....


Workshop: Restoring you nervous system

Inscriptions are now open for our October 12, 2019,  yoga event.

Date:   October 12, 2019
Location:   Pitagoras 361, Navarte, CDMX, Mexico
Instructor:   Sofía Sáenz Padilla

For information and bookings contact: Sofía Saenz Padilla  

Telephone: +52 1 5551979910