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Las 3 Marías - San Agustinillo
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Brigitte Longueville

Brigitte Longueville(Netherlands) Director of Solstice Yoga Center. Her teachings focus on the opportunity to "restore" innate capacities to their optimal expression through "relaxation as practice" coupled with traditional yoga practice. Her teachings are a reflection of her long study with international teachers and yogis in the area of "traditional" South India...


Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes; J. Rappaport

At Solstice Yoga Center we teach traditional South Indian Hatha Yoga classes emphasizing deep relaxation of the postural muscles, precise alignment in postures and subtle awareness of the breath.

Students find these classes fun, lively and energizing.

Hatha yoga class in Zipolite, Oaxaca, MexicoEach class begins with gentle opening of the deep back muscles and hip joints using props and lying relaxation postures.

When this "relaxation into alignment" is complete, students go through a progression of asanas or postures.

Classes usually include: standing asanas, sitting asanas, forward bends, twists, inversions, back bends and reclining asanas.

Throughout all the postures, correct body alignment is emphasized along with the use of the breath to relax into the pose.

Often students may move through a series of flowing postures allowing the body to become warm and more flexible and then these flowing postures alternate with more "passive" postures.

Individual adjustment and guidance is provided to each student to make the classes appropriate and engaging for beginners and also challenging for more advanced practitioners. yoga instruction

All students discover the path to the greatest benefit with the least effort. Students learn how to optimize their personal practice and capture a new sense of energy, "lightness" and ease within their body.

School Location

San Agustinillo - Las 3 Marías

Class Schedule - Las 3 Marías
There are no classes scheduled for now...

"Solstice Yoga Center, in San Agustinillo, has a fantastic teacher named Brigitte. She uses all kinds of props to align you, and gives clear Spanish and English directions in her cute Dutch accent. I left feeling an inch taller..."
-- Andrew Gardner, NY, USA