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Faculty Teachers 2021

Brigitte Longueville

Brigitte Longueville(Netherlands) Director of Solstice Yoga Center. Her teachings focus on the opportunity to "restore" innate capacities to their optimal expression through "relaxation as practice" coupled with traditional yoga practice. Her teachings are a reflection of her long study with international teachers and yogis in the area of "traditional" South India yoga, pranayama, critical alignment, anapana and vipassana meditation. She obtained her teaching certificate after completing a 3-year course at The Bharata Institute of Yoga, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The institute is world renowned for it's work in critical alignment. She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and teacher trainer. She has been doing pranayama for 25 years and has been practicing vipassana meditation for over 10 years. An international yoga teacher and member of that community, she teaches workshops around the world...


Susanna Borgatti

Susanna Borgatti

(Italy) Susanna's passion for yoga started 19 years ago in San Francisco, California. Her initial interest was her simple desire to increase her flexibility and felt yoga would be a great way to do so. Over the years she has explored many different styles of yoga such as Iyengar and Vinyasa. Her practice in restorative yoga deepened with the help of her teacher Brigitte Longueville. She soon found that it was an incredible tool that could address injuries and chronic pain while calming the mind as well. Her teaching style is accessible, yet informative, and adheres to the general principle that anyone and everyone can benefit from the practice. Susanna's practice is a balance of simple form, fluid movement and exploration of the particular nature of posture in yoga....


Sri Yogendra (Mark Brown)

Sri Yogendra (Mark Brown)

Will be sharing with us his 30 years experience with the nature of breath, Pranayama. Through this ancient scientific practice of breath awareness we will discover the relationship between breath, thoughts and feelings. By being able to observe this phenomenon we are able to settle into a calm meditative state of the witness. We will also be learning breath expansion and purification through active Kriyas, Bastrikas, and Mudras. Yogendra will also be sharing with us his understanding of the various branches of yoga and yoga philosophy. 


Idalia Rivera

Idalia Rivera

After more than 15 years of training in various Yoga styles such as Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for children, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Therapeutic and Restorative Hatha Yoga, and inspired by her teacher Brigitte Longueville, she decided to bring the benefits of Yoga especially to those with physical limitations due to their age, injuries, sedentary lifestyle, or to those who simply seek a restorative practice that makes them feel better than they did before.
Idalia is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 teacher and currently teaches her Younger for Longer Yoga® method, which is specially focused on this segment of the population.


Víctor Torres

Víctor TorresAfter practicing for more than ten years, Victor felt the need to share what his teachers had taught him. He has practiced Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Krama and Restorative Yoga with Óscar Velázquez, Andrea Borbolla, Amado Cavazos, Jñana Dakini, Jorge Espinosa, among others. He took the teacher training of Maestros de Yoga Espacio, first generation of Mukta Yoga, Vinyasa Krama, LAIYLA Association of Yoga Instructors of Latin America, Vinyasa Yoga and specialized workshops of Iyengar Yoga. He is founder of the first manufacturer of yoga props in Mexico: Zsabot Yoga Props. "Yoga does not ask us to change, it only invites us to be ourselves, to be who you are is fine, you are OK, that is the first step on a long journey to happiness." ...




Yoga practitioners and teachers who have a strong regular asana practice including standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists, and inversions are welcome to apply. Familiarity with pranayama and mediation is valuable but not essential. While a desire to teach is not necessary to enroll in this course of study, an appreciation of teaching techniques as a tool for deepening one's own practice is key. We limit the number of students in this program each year to give each participant ample opportunity to interact individually with each faculty member as well as create real community among the students themselves.

Teacher Trainings with Brigitte Longueville with emphasis on Restorative and
Therapeutically oriented Yoga


Begin the adventure of a lifetime when you immerse yourself in the practice, study and teachings of yoga at one of Solstice Yoga Center's teacher trainings.

These highly acclaimed trainings are 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified courses. They bring world-renowned teachers together with students from around the world. They are designed for those that want to teach with confidence, enhance their teaching or simply deepen their personal practice.

You will have the opportunity to become absorbed without distraction in a perfect environment of community, study, sanctuary and practice.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification - Yoga Alliance

2021 / 2022 Teacher Training Program - hands on teachingGraduating students can register as RYT 200 © (Registered Yoga Teachers) with Yoga Alliance, the international certifying yoga authority. Teachers registered with the alliance are authorized to use the initials RYT 200 © after their names.

Brigitte Longueville, the director and lead-trainer of the program, is an E-RYT 500 (meaning experienced and certified to teach teachers) and Solstice Yoga Center is a RYS200 Yoga Alliance certified school (see www.yogaalliance.org for more information).

Past graduates have found the Solstice Yoga Center's teacher training course to be a great adventure that is life-changing, enlightening and energizing. It is an experience that empowers individuals to find and express their best self and true potential, in both their professional and personal life.

Teaching from the "Heart"

The Solstice Teacher Training emphasizes that in order to teach yoga one must develop a deep personal understanding of yoga.

This is accomplished by providing students with daily instruction and practice in the art and science of yoga designed so that students can have a profound personal experience of the teachings.

where to learn restorative yogaYou will be invited, in Brigitte's terms, to come to see "relaxation as practice." This means the opportunity to stop "trying" to do yoga and therefore becoming tense.

Instead, students learn to calm the body, and then the mind, creating the optimal state to experience and realize the full dynamic energy of an asana.

With this knowledge, teachers can teach not only from the head (as a result of their studies) but also from the heart (as a result of a deeply felt practice).

It is the premise of Solstice Yoga Teaching Training that once a practitioner has realized this profound experience, they then have the insight to share it, and teach it, to others.
The teacher training has a proven track record in delivering this understanding to students coupled with the knowledge base through which to express their experience to others.
As a result graduates go out into the world with complete confidence prepared to teach classes that students will find to be engaging, challenging and energizing.

The Course Work

The heart of the program is daily instruction and practice of meditation, pranayama and asanas. This is complemented with in-depth teaching of the following integral aspects of yoga teaching:

Yoga Philosophy / Lifestyle / Ethics
You will have the opportunity to understand the ancient texts, the original teachers, yogic lifestyle choices, and ethical choices and appropriate conduct for yoga teachers.

Restorative and Therapeutically Oriented Yoga
"Restorative yoga" is defined as the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate the innate muscular and energetic capacity of the body prior to the practice of asana in order to optimize the practice of yoga. This will be taught using the BackMitra and various pasive positions.

In the therapeutically oriented yoga part you will learn how to work with students that have physical issues and problems including: back pain, repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, sacroiliac pain, sciatica, and strain due to bad posture or weight issues. Many people suffer from these issues and desire to practice yoga for relief. You will learn how to give them appropriate guidance and a safe practice.
For many years the therapeutic benefits of yoga have been recognized by a few. More recently, they have become much better known. Today many physicians are encouraging some of their patients to take up yoga for therapeutic reasons.
Unfortunately the healing benefits may be, to a great extent, hit and miss. The reason for these outcomes is that not all types of yoga address all types of problems equally well. What is needed for yoga as therapy to be consistently effective is an individualized approach based on the particular condition of the patient and a thorough understanding of anatomy, pathology and rehabilitation techniques.

Yoga Alliance certification course Mexico

Asana Practice
The complete spectrum of asanas will be explored in depth, including pose adaptations and the use of props. Both the classically, "held" positions associated with Iyengar yoga will be taught as well as Vinyasa Flow (breath synchronized movement) often associated with Ashtanga yoga.

You will learn the science of breathing: changing the rhythm of the breath, inhalation, retention, and exhalation. Ironically, pranayama is not a breathing exercise, but an exercise of awareness.

Anatomy / Physiology
You will learn a functional understanding of the key anatomic structures as they relate to Hatha yoga. Knowledge of these structures can be used immediately to optimize practice, overcome blockages, avoid injuries and of course, communicate with your future students.
In physiology we will be focusing on the autonomic nervous system its structure and function. The chronic imbalance of this nervous system is either directly or indirectly responsible for the many stress related diseases burdening us today. Understanding the connection between stress and our nervous system allows us to explore various yoga and related techniques which can be used to restore proper functioning of the mind and body.

Brigitte Longueville teaching anatomy and restorative therapeutic yoga
Brigitte teaching anatomy and restorative alignment 

These cleansing exercises remove toxins from the body. There are six kriyas: Neti (nasal cleansing), Nauli (abdominal churning), Dhauti (upper digestive tract cleansing), Basti (colon cleansing), Kapalabhati (lung and bronchial tube cleansing) and Tratak (steady gazing). From these six kriyas we will only practice Nauli, Kapalabhati, and Tratak.

Personal Teaching Experience
Aquiring Teaching Experience You will learn how to teach by teaching classes and observing your fellow teachers as they teach. Each student will teach classes (traditional Hatha and therapeutic yoga) under the guidance of Brigitte. You will work in small groups, prepare classes together, exchange ideas and learn how to teach and assist others as they teach.


The emphasis throughout the training is on hands-on experience and constructive feedback that prepares you to teach with confidence and clarity.

Graduation Policy

Awarding of completion certificates is based on three criteria:
  1. Attendance; To successfully complete the program, a student may not miss more than 5 hours of classroom time.
  2. Completed homework assignments.
  3. Faculty assessment of skills learned.

RYT200 Teacher Training Graduates
Graduation day! 

Participant Video Testimonials

  • I chose this training because I live in a cold dark place in winter
  • It helped me to open my heart!
  • Such a holistic approach and such encouragement
  • She knows what she is talking about...
  • She inspires me to be a better yoga teacher
  • I learned how to do things into depth
  • I learned a lot about anatomy, body alignment and restorative poses
  • This is more than I had ever expected it to be
  • This is an amazing place! The view is stunning and...
  • I'm very grateful
I chose this training because I live in a cold dark place in winter1 It helped me to open my heart!2 Such a holistic approach and such encouragement3 She knows what she is talking about...4 She inspires me to be a better yoga teacher5 I learned how to do things into depth6 I learned a lot about anatomy, body alignment and restorative poses7 This is more than I had ever expected it to be8 This is an amazing place! The view is stunning and...9 I'm very gratefu10
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"The Teachers Training at Solstice Yoga Center has been a determining experience in my life and in my yoga practice. The strong natural surroundings, Brigitte´s years of experience and the outstanding teachers that gathered together allow personal practice to develop with firmness, deep knowledge and multiple opinions. If I could, I would attend all of Brigitte's trainings, it has been one of the happiest times in my life."
-- Pablo Quiroga, Mexico City